New Residence Cards for Non-ECOWAS nationals

In terms of Ivorian immigration, all non-ECOWAS foreign nationals entering the Ivory Coast for a stay in excess of 90 days are required to obtain a Residence Card. A new Residence Card has been implemented and corporates should note that all employees in possession of the old Temporary Residence Cards are required to have these replaced with the new Residence Cards by 31 December 2017 (even if their current Temporary Residence Cards are valid until a date exceeding 31 December 2017). It should further be noted that penalties will be imposed for failure to comply. The details relating to these penalties have not yet been disclosed.


Please refer to the following summary for the details pertaining to the new Residence Card below:


  • Official start date: 21 August 2017 (making appointments)
  • Official submission start date: 22 August 2017 (first appointments)
  • Personal Appearance: Required
  • Procedure: includes taking biometric information (fingerprints and photographs)
  • Processing time: approximately 15 days
  • Period of validity: up to 5 years
  • Renewability: unlimited renewals, although this is subject to the discretion of the Ivorian immigration authorities
  • VIP option: applies in relation to the manner in which the abovementioned procedure is conducted, as well as a delivery service, where the Residence Card is personally delivered to the applicant
  • Government Fees: approximately 300 000 XOF but 150 000 XOF for French nationals and 35 000 XOF for French religious sector