Executive Relocations Consultant, Celine Barbet

Executive Relocations Consultant, Celine Barbet has been working at the Ivory Coast branch for three years and her greatest passion, she believes, is her love for this beautiful African country. “The Ivory Coast is the most developed country in West Africa and therefore offers a mix between developing and first world conveniences,” says Celine.
She loves showing expats around Abidjan, the largest city in the Ivory Coast, because she wants them to love it as much as she does. The number of missions to the Ivory Coast has increased significantly since she first arrived in Abidjan. “Many Europeans are relocating to the Ivory Coast but many Ivorians are also returning home after the civil war.”
Her greatest challenge at the moment is to find appropriate housing for assignees. “The property market is growing rapidly but demand remains high which makes affordable housing very hard to find. It helps to keep an open mind when relocating. Expats often make the mistake of setting first world expectations.” says Celine.
She warns aspiring relocations agents that the industry isn’t an office job, it demands hard work and long hours. Celine has been living in Abidjan with her husband and two children since 2014 and is still as excited about the country and its future as the first time she arrived.