New taxi app books a ride for Ivorians

While American transportation giant Uber dominates the South African and Egyptian markets, a new high tech taxi company has entered the market in the Ivory Coast. Africab is the new and safe way to move around Abidjan and aims to revolutionise passenger transport in Sub-Saharan Africa.

With fixed prices for a ride in a comfortable car driven by certified drivers, the yellow and black taxis of Africab are a little more expensive than a normal cab but much safer, especially at night. Before Africab, commuters had to catch a cab in the street and then negotiate a price with the taxi driver. Moreover, the taxi cars are old with no air conditioning and the drivers are not trained.

With Africab, the taxi fare is fixed and commuters will know the cost of their ride in advance. Passengers can either call Africab or order a taxi via their app and payment can be either by cash, card or via the app. Every car is equipped with a tablet and Wi-Fi, and drivers are trained to ensure their passengers reach their destination safely.

Africab is a real competitor not only for African-owned taxi businesses, but also for US giant, Uber. Ivorian consumers have searched for better and safer alternatives to their transportation woes and Africab saw the gap in the market. The company is eyeing other African markets and has set its sights on Togo and Benin next.