New platform focused on Egypt’s Education sector

Egypt’s biggest investment bank EFG Hermes recently announced that it is entering into a partnership with Global Education Management Systems (GEMS Education), one of the world’s leading providers of private English-language education. The partnership will establish a new platform focused on Egypt’s education sector for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

The main aim of this joint venture is to establish a substantial portfolio of private national and international schools across main cities in Egypt over the next five years.

The group will obtain already existing schools in addition to building new schools, initially in Cairo and Alexandria. Established in 1959, GEMS UAE is one of the largest school management groups in the world. It operates 47 schools in the Middle East and North African region and provides services for more than 115,000 students.

Public education remains dominant in Egypt’s education sector, with more than 80 percent of students enrolled in this largely free-of-charge system. However, a recent study showed that the role of private education has increased over the past 10 years with a rise in the rate of students enrolled, from 16 to 20 percent.