Algeria: Understanding the immigration process

If you’re planning to obtain a work permit in Algeria, here we provide an overview of the application process! From categories of work permits (and their costs) and expected timelines for each phase, we’ll answer your most pressing questions. Best of all, we also outline the support you can request from Executive Relocations to make the entire process hassle-free.

ALGERIAN LAW: According to Law No. 81-10 (on the conditions of employment of foreign labour in Algeria) and Decree No. 82-510 of December 25, 1982, all foreign workers must have a work permit issued by the Employment Directorate.

Work permit overview: process and considerations

  • Permit types: To work in Algeria an expatriate must hold a work permit, and there are two types of work permit: the regular work permit issued to employees of foreign nationalities; and Annex 10 work permits (issued only for employees of French and Tunisian nationality).
  • Cost: Ordinary work permits cost $60; and Annex 10 work permits (described above) are free for French and Tunisian nationals.
  • APT requirement: To hold a work permit in Algeria, you must first receive a temporary work authorization (APT), which requires specific documents. The APT itself is a required document to hold a work visa, with the APT process taking at least 15 days. Once an APT has been obtained, the expatriate must visit the Algerian Embassy in his or her country of residence to apply for a temporary work visa.
  • Timelines: As soon as the expatriate arrives in Algeria there are 15 days to file the work permit application. After this, obtaining the work permit takes a minimum of 30 days.
  • Rejection criteria: Work permits are generally rejected if the expatriate does not hold a university degree, or the degree does not correspond to his work occupation.
  • Validity period: The validity of a work permit is the same as the validity mentioned in the employment contract – one year.

If the above steps look daunting, don’t worry! Executive Relocations can take care of the full immigration process on your behalf – including the procedure for obtaining a residence card. Contact us now for personalised support.